im Max,
Web developer

Design is so simple, thats why it’s so complicated

Fullstack developer

Can handle all the work of databases, servers, systems engineering, and clients of your needs.

Bachelor in Media Technology

Three years of study Media and technology and half year of Game Dev.


Live streamer with over two thousand followers and average watch of fifhty people.

Frontend Dev.

I am a creative, ambitious and eager to learn, digital creator that allways looking forward of new challenges and projects to sink my mind into. 

Life is to short for non-wow projects.

The best student I ever received the honor of teaching. He reminds me of a young me.
Erik Pinerio
Head of Media Technology
I once high five max, that was the best day of my life.
Johannes Karlsson
Teacher at Media Technology
When Max came to me when i need help. He changed my life.
Steve Jobs
Former CEO of Apple

Let's work together!